Tips for Overcoming Auto Visitor Attacks (Jingling)

Tips for Overcoming Auto Visitor Attacks (Jingling)

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Tips for Overcoming Auto Visitor Attacks (Jingling). Now a days, there are many bloggers who are paper, instead of competing in a healthy way, many are even naughty with other people's blogs, one of which is by sending auto visitors or jingling. Some of the impacts that result from jingling are, that Adsense ads can be banned, Spam score is high, our weblog is considered spam by Google, and even our weblog is deleted by Google.

So how do you block/  block attacks from this Autovisitor/Jingling? So here I will share the tips. hopefully, this can help you in counteracting this Autovisitor/Jingling.

Jingling Attack Blockade Tips

1. Use Cloudflare

this method has been widely used and it is no stranger to many who use CloudFlare in this Jingling/Autovisitor negation, but still, as good as the tools are, if the pilot is not reliable, it will also penetrate.

2. Use Script Referrer

The function of this script is to redirect URLs. meaning that if we Dijingling weblog it will be redirected to google. for the script as follows

<script type="text / javascript">
var block = ['http://linkwebjingling1','http://
for (var b = block.length; b–;) {
if (document.referrer.match (block [b]))
window.location = &quot;;;

How to use it, please replace linkwebjingling1 with a web link Autovisitor that attacks your blog. etc...

3. Setting Robot.txt

Please add the robot txt settings as follows

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: Googlebot
Allow: /
Disallow: /search 
User-agent: *

Sitemap: http://yourBlogname/feeds/posts/default?orderby=UPDATED

4. Using Disavow Links

Disavow a Link is a tool from Google that aims to reject incoming links (backlinks) on our website. some of my friends use this to counteract Jingling too. for the procedure for its use as follows:

  • Make sure your weblog is registered and verified in the Web Master Search Console. then open the following link: Disavow Link

  • Then click "Disavow Links".
  • Open the file from Notepad in the form of a text like this:

goog_856231882url: (or can be filled with pages containing jingling tools)

Note: The difference between domain and URL is, that if the domain is for the entire domain, the URL is for one page only. so please you want to choose a domain or URL.

  • Then upload the txt file containing the link that we will blacklist. and click submit.

5. Fuss Jingling Web

if you are really upset, please just report the jingling web. The way is just to click this link bro: Spam Report

Now that's a possible way you can do to overcome the Autovisitor Attack/Jingling. Although that's all you've done I do not guarantee that it will work 100%. because someone who is jealous will continue to look for ways to weaken us.

A little advice, if your blog is easily hit by Jingling, please temporarily remove your AdSense ads, and replace them with other ads, for example, ylix or something, now that it's safe, install your Adsense again.


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