How to Change the Numbering Format in Blogger 2022

How to Change the Numbering Format in Blogger 2022

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Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. How are you, my dears? We hope that you are fine, today we present to you a new topic in the Blogger Tools section .

Definition Numbering Format

This addition is a CSS code that arranges and numbered lines automatically in an attractive and beautiful way.

Steps to change the Format of the Numbering

  1. Log in to your blogger account .
  2. Go to Appearance, then >> Edit HTML .
  3. Ctrl We use the v + button C to copy and also to paste we use the Ctrl + V
  4. In order to remove the search box, click in the middle of the code editor and use the Ctrl + F
  5. Search for the tag 
  6. Put the following code right above it:

Search for the tag ]]></b:skin> Put these codes above it

/*-------- ---------*/
.post-body ol li{padding:8px 30px;margin-right:15px;margin-bottom:15px;list-style:none;-webkit-box-shadow:0 1px 3px #ddd;box-shadow:0 1px 3px #ddd;font-size:17px;position:relative}
.post-body ol li:before{content:counter(li);counter-increment:ol li;background-color:#d24949;width:30px;height:30px;text-align:center;line-height:30px;margin-left:15px;color:#FFF;border-radius:3px;font-size:17px;position:absolute;right:-15px}
.post-body ol{counter-reset:li;padding-right:0}
.post-body ol li:hover:after,.post-body ol li:hover:before{background-color:#9e44c9}
.post-body ol li:after{content:'';width:10px;height:100%;background-color:#d24949;position:absolute;top:0;left:0}
.post-body ol li a{text-decoration:none}
.post-body ul{list-style-type:disc;padding-right:40px}
.post-body li{color:#222222;padding-right:10px}
.post-body ul li a{text-decoration:none}

If you want to use the Numbering, you just have to do the following:


  • Blogger >> Posts >> New Post.
  • Type the paragraphs you want to number, then follow the following pictures:

image quote pre code