Adsense: How to accept your site in Adsense the latest update and solve all problems

Adsense: How to accept your site in Adsense the latest update and solve all problems

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Bloggers want to  display AdSense ads  on their site, but the  conditions for accepting  the site in  AdSense  are difficult, but now, God willing, you will get to  accept your site  and  display AdSense ads  , the way is very easy to get permission to display AdSense ads without problems  and solve  all the problems  that lead to  your site being rejected In AdSense  , follow the details, this article talks about my experience with AdSense.

Peace be upon you, my friends. Welcome back to our site. In this article, we will learn how to  get your site approved in the latest update , in an easy way. There are conditions that you must meet to accept your site .

What are the conditions for accepting your site in AdSense?

There are conditions that your blog must have for admission to AdSense , which are:

Your blog should contain the main pages such as: the privacy policy page, the user agreement page , the about us page , the index is not a requirement but make a page, this was about the pages.

You must add social networking sites and site sections.

You must write content that is in the terms of AdSense , it must not contain immoral content, as well as not write about hacking or the like.

advice :

Write content that is not copied or copied and not have you reformulated because there are sites to reformulate, to write in each article 300 words.

Your blog must contain more than 20 posts to ensure that your blog is accepted by AdSense.


Pictures should not be protected by copyright, you can use free sites to get pictures or design them yourself through programs or sites.

You must add your blog in Webmaster Tools for the blog to appear on search engines and add a sitemap to archive posts and appear in search results and we have talked about it, if you want to know how to add    click here  .


You must at least have a post that is or the top ten in the search engine for that type that you wrote on.

You must get legitimate visits to your site and not less than 15,000 visits to your blog to accept your site in AdSense , there should be no non-working links on your site.

At least when searching for your blog, it will be the first.

All this regarding the acceptance of your site in AdSense with my own experience, read the notes to avoid not accepting your site :

Very important notes:

When submitting your blog to AdSense , you do not have to change anything in the appearance or even the sections. Keep writing your articles until a site is accepted. You can change the template or modify it as you wish. You are prohibited from changing when submitting your blog to AdSense.

Thank you. I hope your sites will be accepted in AdSense. If there is a query, write in the comments. Subscribe to the blog so that we explain how to write an article compatible with SEO.

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